Week 6 at Saginaw Bay Farms

At this point I’ve gotten into a routine. These past two weeks were consistent, but I know that’s all about to change. Next week after the Fourth of July I’ll be entering pickle season. At Saginaw Bay Farms this is our “specialty” and one of our suppliers is McDonald’s. I have never had any experience with pickles, but this past week we discussed planning. We’ll hopefully begin planting on July 8th.

Other than that this past week has been a repetition of many tasks. I started out the week just going to all the corn and soy bean fields again. I performed stand counts, and checked the stages the corn was in. I made suggestions for weed pressure, insect damage, and water damage. When it came to weeds I saw lots of Lam’s Quarters, but not much else. I think water damage from the rain storm a couple weeks ago was what caused the most damage. I sent in all of my reports to my supervisor, and then was asked to work in the office.

Like I mentioned, we’re planning for the pickle season. My job in the office was to calculate the GDU (growing degree units) for the fields that have been and will be planted. I had to create an excel spreadsheet that would allow me to present all of the growing degree days for the past month and predictions for the next month. In order to do this I placed the lowest and highest temperatures for a given day in the first two cells, then I put the formula for GDUs in the bottom cell that would calculate it for every week. Lastly, I had the spreadsheet total the number growing degree units for the week. The only thing that was annoying was manually going into the spreadsheet and changing the negative numbers to zeros.


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