SpartanNash Week 6

This week was a short week because as a company we took off July 3rd (Friday).  This was the first week that my boss was off for vacation. Therefore, the week was busy with traveling to stores around west Michigan and meetings with some of the executive board. Part of our program enables us access to members of the E-Board for all types of questions about careers, the company, or whatever we wanted. So I took this opportunity and talked to the CEO and the head of Merchandising. These conversations allowed me to reach to these senior board members and pick their brains about my career and what the company looks to do for the future. Also, at the end of my internship I will have a presentation that I will have to present in front of the whole executive board. Thus, I thought it would be best if I met more the board just so I felt comfortable talking to them. This was one of the tips that I was given by a presentation advisor at the company. I gave a practice presentation on Wednesday to receive critiques about my presentation skills before the final one. I would that this week enabled me to reach out to sources that I might not be able to if I were with another company. This is a perk that I believe is beneficial for me because I do not know how many people get the chance to talk to the CEO of their company for 30 minutes. Now I will take some time and celebrate for the 4th of July and spend it with my family!!

Unfortunately, I do not have an pictures this week because I was busy traveling constantly from store to store.


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