Great Week

I had a really great week at Kellogg’s.  We have been doing a lot of intern bounding with our internship coordinators.  We went to a bar pub the other day at the Dark Horse in Marshall, Michigan.  It was really nice seeing everyone out of their work environment.  They’re actually quite interesting.  Nick and I have similar personalities.  We make some of the same jokes.

Next week I get the opportunity to work at Kellogg’s Oakbrook location in Chicago. I get a chance to finally work with Jen, my teammate on the big data project. We will be working on the new SAS VA  project given by our manager, Chad.  I get to stay a extra day in Chicago since we have a lot of work to do together. This will be the first time we’ve seen each other since the internship started.  It’s been quite hard to work on projects when she is so far away. I have a feeling that we’ll get a lot of projects accomplished.

I had my intern midterm review yesterday with my manager.  Chad had nothing, but good things to say about me and the work I’ve been doing here at Kellogg.  I’m on track according to my PDP. He connected me with a employee named JB. She works in the legal department.  Chad recommended I reach out to her for she can give me some advice and tips on how to succeed at Kellogg.  I scheduled a meeting with her the following day.  She was really nice.  It was helpful to talk to a African American woman who is valued and ranked highly at Kellogg. At our meeting we conversed on how I can make a good impression and how to potentially get a job offer. After she gave me her card for me to keep in contact with her.  I’m going to Make sure I do just that. Overall really good week.  I really like the company.  I wish to work for them after my internship is over.


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