Week Five: Target

As usual, the fast paced week as an intern has flown by yet again. This week was exciting because I was able to have the opportunity to lead a store that does 65 million dollars worth of business each year. I was the Leader on Duty. This entailed directing team members, placing them where they were strongest and most effective, as well as ensuring that the store drove sales and reached its 165 thousand dollar sales goal for the day. I learned a lot about how to lead and direct other people who needed guidance or advice. This experience showed me what it takes to be a successful leader. Leading a team of 45+ and making sure they stay motivated was a bit of a challenge, but was a great learning experience.

This week we also had the opportunity to meet with our fellow interns as well as VP’s and district managers. We had a lunch with them and learned the kind of job opportunities that we could one day have after completing out internship. After lunch we drove to Forgotten Harvest, which is a food bank, where we packed food for the needy. We packed 1200 pounds of food in three hours. This was also a tremendous team bonding experience that I will definitely do again.


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