Week 5: Unishippers

This week the sales team switched to PhoneBurner, an online service used to improve sales call efficiency. Here’s a little information on how the service works: the owner and my boss, Michele, takes leads from our own Unishippers sales software and inputs them into PhoneBurner’s contact manager. Then the other interns and I record our own automated voicemails and emails. That’s pretty much all there is to setting up!

The next step has been the biggest change I’ve gone through with Unishippers this summer. PhoneBurner is an automated phone calling service. When in the contact manager window you select the leads you’d like to call, which is about 50 for a single session of calling at Unishippers, and PhoneBurner begins calling each lead for you! When each call ends, PhoneBurner will automatically start calling the next number. This can be an exhausting system and it’s been quite the challenge for us interns to get used to such a fast and intense calling process.

We are all happy about the switch however. More phone calls results with more leads on the phone. More leads on the phones will ultimately result in more qualified and interested leads. We all hope this change will improve our appointment numbers. Michele got the idea of using PhoneBurner from another Unishippers franchise owner. Apparently at the other franchise their numbers are very similar to the ones we’ve been seeing at the office in Okemos. It takes them roughly just as many calls to get on the phone with someone qualified for our services. Then it takes them just as many of these qualified leads before they can actually get a customer. Since the other office began using PhoneBurner they have been getting more appointments weekly. This is the ultimate goal of having switched to PhoneBurner. I haven’t seen any solid improvements in my numbers yet because we’re still only doing practice calling sessions with PhoneBurner, but I’m excited to begin using it more often!


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