Granger Internship

This week was a very productive one for me.  First, I worked for 10 hour days to get my full 40 hours of the week in.  This week was a lot of reaching out to venders, suppliers and others in the company as well.  I thought not only was it productive but I was able to make good connections as well.  I talked to analysis’s in the transportation department to see the difference in cost between UPS Freight and FedEx freight per package.  I did cost analysis to see which carrier would be best and most cost efficient taking packaging damages in effect as well.  I found that per package return Grainger is charged $150.  To ship a package UPS Freight it is about $9 and it is double for FedEx.  We as a DC are trying to figure out if FedEx has more or less damages than UPS.  It is assumed that FedEx has less damage and if that is the case for many items we will transfer hem to go FedEx instead of UPS.  This will be determined sometime next week.  The rest of the week I began working on my final powerpoint as well as auditing packages that have damage reports of no invoice, meaning the label feel off the box or the item was not in the box.  If this becomes a major trend/Issue we will address it and the implementation will probably be network wide.  This was my week in a nutshell.


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