Week 7 with John Deere

Week 7 has been extremely productive working on my 2nd project. Again, project number 2 consists of making an online request tool for our Planning Service Team to use at all of the different plants across the country.

The requests for this tool could be anything from a supplier issue, receiving issue, quality issues, shipping issues, basically any potential problems that Planners could run into while performing their daily tasks.

The goals of this tool are to be able to effectively track and give updates on these current “issues”, projects or things happening within our team. When a request is submitted, an email will be generated to the Site Lead based on the facility that this effecting. The Submitter will be responsible for inputting details about the problem. After submission, the request will be posted by the Site Lead to a public online display board. Here, it will be seen by all of the different Planners to drive team collaboration and improve knowledge management of current issues happening within our team in hopes to get them resolved. The tool will give updates to the requestor on the current status of the request for example, “New, Opened, In progress, and Complete”.

I have met with many different people and after yesterday I have both a SharePoint application complete and am working with the systems coordinator to design and code the web-based form. The SharePoint application is fully functional and we can currently run demo requests on it. I have shared this with a few Planners to use and receive feedback. I am hoping to have the web-based tool completed by next week to begin running demos on that. The web-based is much more user-friendly because it can pre populate and generate more fields where as the SharePoint has much more manual input for the users.



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