Week 7: Gro Alliance

This week the main focus was eliminating rogues from the field. After the crews finished taking the volunteer corn out of the field, the job became to find rogues. Rogues are plants that are generally larger, a darker green and have bigger brace roots that are above the ground. They are caused by genetic variance throughout the field and are removed for the purpose of uniformity. When a cutter goes through a field to cut tassels, one rogue can cause the sensor to raise the cutter and miss several plants in a row before returning back to the height of the rest of the plants. Rogues are removed the same way volunteer corn is. Crews go through the field and cut these plants out of the female rows. The next step will be to cut the fields then use the machine to pull tassels. Whatever the machine misses, crews have to pull by hand. Our first field that will need cut will be about the middle of next week. My job will remain to follow the crews to check their efficiency and scout fields for insects, grasses, broadleaves and diseases.


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