Week 6: ANXeBusiness

This week is a shorter week because of the Fourth of July so I have been busy this week. Monday and Tuesday were the last day of the month so everyone in the sales department was pushing hard to make sure they met the goal that they committed to for the end of the month. This month was a very good one for the inside sales team considering that everyone met their quota and we even exceeded our $15,000 goal. We even started this month very strong and have had a couple of sales come in . This week I began to finalize all the details for the golf outing in July. The event is closely approaching and I am consistently  worrying that I am going to forget a huge item since this is the first time i have ever planned an event like this by myself. After talking to many of the executives we have decided not to get new polos made this year because they are very expensive and did not feel that it worked with the budget. One thing that did not even cross my mind before is the budgets that go into planning events. Especially what I did not realize is how much it costs to golf in sponsored events. Before planning this event I would have thought it was about $400 for a four some but really it is double that. Plus when you have 3 four-some’s golfing in the outing it is extremely expensive. This week I also met with members of the marketing and provisioning team and we put the final changes in on a new process that we are creating when trying to obtain IP information to install our firewalls. We are trying to create a process that will make everything easier for the customer in the end. I am very excited to see what the feedback is when we launch the new process especially because I was such a big part of making it happen. Overall it was another great week at ANX and I look forward to the rest of the weeks to come.


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