Week 6

Today I finally presented my two major data analysis projects I’ve been working on thus far this summer to the head of manufacturing. The presentation went smoothly and he really appreciated the work and time I put into the project. He wants me to work with another project manager to automate the process so everyone can have access to the charts and graphs I made. Seeing my work appreciated and used to make major decisions in the planing forecast is really rewarding and motivating. Next week I will get some new projects to work on and complete before the end of the summer.

I’ve also been working with another project manager who gave me a little “homework assignment” to look up and research the different supply chain certifications that can really set you apart from other applicants in the future when I look for a corporate job (PMP, CSCP, CPIM). Though they all require a few years of real job experience, the CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) certification was really interesting to me. This research has also helped me realize my interest in sustainability and high-integrity supply chains. I’m not sure how it would translate into an actual job, but finding resources and raw materials that are environmentally responsible and manufactured in a high-integrity work environment would be very rewarding. He even introduced me to the sustainable supply chain manager at Arista who I will contact and set up a meeting with to talk about his day-to-day responsibilities.

I’m really excited and optimistic about where I am in my internship. I’ve learned a lot about the supply chain field already and I know there is still more to learn. The team I am working with this summer has been really open and willing to answer my questions and help me along in the process.


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