Week 3- Macy’s

This week has just flown by. It seems like retail is always so fast paced and there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. I started this week really early because I worked the weekend, which is when Macy’s makes its money. It was a pretty busy week on the floor. I was in handbags in jewelry and one big thing that my manager informed me of is placement of product and it does have a huge impact on sales. So we spent a few hours rearranging purses. Even in the clearance section because you don’t want it to be messy because if you don’t treat your product well why would a costumer want it. This week I was able to shadow the VP Store Manager, Tiffany. She is head of the department store I work in and I was able to see how she works in the background and forefront to keep the store moving. We started the morning with a staff meeting and they rewarded good sales associates. It’s so important to recognize your workers because if they feel good and are getting that assurance they will work harder for you. The sales associates are what the costumers see and give the impression of Macys. This week I was also able to shadow the HR team and saw how they train new workers and how much they do in the back. This week I was also able to see hoe seriously Macy’s takes shoplifting. Our asset protection team was able to catch one woman stealing some clothes. And they protected the business and took her in and called the police. It’s so important to protect your merchandise because if you are not you are losing money. This week we also had to deal with many difficult customers. It’s so hard because you need to be so polite even when someone is being so rude to you but that is the business. Being professional is important in these situations. But when you have a great team it makes everything easier.


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