STA Group week 5

Week five at STA was a really good learning week. It was pretty busy because it was a short week. Because of that, my boss Michelle needed help on a lot of small projects that we needed to wrap up before everyone left for the Holiday weekend. One of the other interns and I have been compiling a financial report in excel that has been pretty difficult so far because there has been some issues with the formulas we have been writing. We got all of that figured out together this week and the spreadsheet was working like a well-oiled machine.

The most helpful part of this week took place on Tuesday. We received a two-part presentation from one of our mentors. The first section was on products of professionalism. We discussed several different topics such as professional effectiveness, systems of thoughts, professional competencies and we finished with a Myers Briggs test. I have taken Myers Briggs tests before but this online version was much more interesting because I’ve never taken one that gives you a lot of professional feedback in the end. It was really interesting to see this because I have a lot better idea about the things I do and don’t like while working. The test gave me feedback saying that I should continue into a manager role.

The second part of the presentation dealt with things such as dealing with dilemma, keys to successful interviews, presenting your strengths, preparing for questions, effective follow up and resume and cover letter details. This was similar to a lot of stuff I learned in FIM 210. It was really interesting to hear this side of everything in a professional setting and listen to the recruiters of the company. They let us pick their brain, which I found to be very helpful. They answered things I always wanted to know such as if hand written thank you notes really do matter, and questions along those lines. I really found this week to be a huge help, and I’m really happy this was incorporated as a part of my program.


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