My Week in Shipping at R.S. Hanline

This week I am working in the shipping department of R.S. Hanline. Although it may not seem like the most glorious department of the company, I have come to really enjoy it and have seen just how important it is to the company. This department is headed by a former MSU FIM major, so through this connection I am able to dive deep into the department, as well as having the opportunity to be taught many valuable lessons about what the job entails and about the company as a whole. Each night, we are in charge of loading all the products onto trucks and sending them on their way in a timely fashion. It seems to be an easy task task, but do not let the words fool you; on many days, we run into problems such as getting a late start due to meetings with management or having to help other departments finish what they need to get done so we have all the tools we need to do our jobs, just to name a few. Furthermore, it is a huge headache when truck drivers arrive late to R.S. Hanline to pick up what they will be hauling, only to complain to us about how they are not going to be able to meet their drop times due to how slow we are working or things of that nature. Josh and his crew do a great job at what they do and I do not believe enough people give them the credit they deserve. Each nigh we have been getting out at midnight, but if it was not for Josh’s leadership abilities and explaining to his three workers the correct way to do things, we would have been there all night. I have two more days left in the department and I know I have a lot to learn in order to perform the job to the best of my abilities, if need be. I am looking forward to what these last two days has to offer and the knowledge I will soak in.


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