Week 6 Tenneco Inc.

Over the past few weeks, I have really began to recognize the advantages gained from having an internship. Just reflecting on different meetings and conversations I have had with co-workers, and suppliers, there are a lot real-life experience that is required to be successful in a purchasing position (as I’m sure many others as well). It is often times difficult for professors or courses in general to be able to replicate that and identify strategies to get through certain situations in regards to negotiations, conversations with the team or day-to-day processes. I have learned several buyer’s specific techniques in their approach to negotiating agreements to obtain the lowest costs without sacrificing quality. Each buyer encourages me that I will eventually find the method that works best for myself, in which I feel comfortable and one that is also successful. I am also now aware of the position and majority of the roles of a buyer within the entire supply chain of a business. I have also taken the liberty to meet with different individuals throughout the company some in similar positions others in a completely different parts of the business to have them identify items that would add to the success of a future career. Some of these individuals have 30+ years of experience and can really help put things into perspective in regards to aligning yourself to the right position and path to attain growth and enjoyment in life. By doing these “interviews” if you will, I have also helped identify different positions and levels of management I hope to some day fill. One because they sound interesting and two because it will help me develop a great deal of experience that will hopefully allow me to someday reach an upper level management position or even run my own successful business some day. Upper level management or a successful entrepreneurship are two career aspirations of mine and I believe I have already begun setting the building blocks to reach those levels. I encourage you to reflect on your experience and compare it what you’ve learned in school and how it sets you apart from someone with no experience. Also, I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone to meet other people outside of your direct team to learn about their roles within your respective organization as well as ask for advice in regards to your future career and life in general. This activity will help you understand and define your own personal goals, if you are currently unsure, for what you want to do after college and the rest of your life; that time is coming soon.


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