Week 4: Kroger

This week myself and the other interns apart of the program will be helping Kroger with on-boarding the new employees from the Hiller’s acquisition. Kroger recently bought out the Hiller’s grocery chain on the east side of the state. They acquired seven stores total. Five of those stores will be opening at the end of July, one is opening in the fall after remodel, and they closed one as it was across from a Kroger store already. The purchase was made in May, meaning they have essentially two months to hire and on-board all of these people for these new stores. This week we will be having all of the newly hired/former Hiller employees coming in all at once to train them. So we are setting up and assisting with human resource management for the next few days. It’ll be interesting to see how that many new employees all together training will go, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.


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