Blog Posting Week 6

Monday I put up three different signs in a plot field for a sales representative, I delivered chemical, and then I scouted fields for the rest of the day. Tuesday I scouted fields with two of the other interns, we had to take a tissue sample of wheat and doing so we had to collect 1 pound of leaves for a tissue sample. Then scouted more fields for the rest of our day. We saw a really neat wood sculpture driving down the road on our way to a field to scout after taking the tissue sample. We also saw some giant ragweed too. Wednesday I went to the Monsanto Dealer Knowledge Day in Mason, MI with a group from the plant. We arrived at 11:30 and they fed up lunch at noon. The caterers provided us with hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, macaroni salad, beans, fruit, cookies and drinks. It was very good! After we ate everyone there was split into 3 groups, we had 4 tents to stop at, each segment was 35 minutes long and we listened to different people talk about varieties of beans or corn and how they did last year. Thursday I sat and listened to the sales meeting that was upstairs in the office, where they had 2 guest from Mosaic come in and chat with everyone about Phosphate, Potash, Aspire, MicroEssentials, KMag, and Pegasus. For the rest of the day I went to a farmer’s house to meet with him and he gave me a list of fields that he wanted soil sampled. I took another intern with me to help out. It was very wet and muddy but we still had fun. One field we couldn’t drive back to it so the farmer let us take his quad down the small lane so we didn’t have to walk. Friday I took a bean field tissue sample for Taylor (sales rep) and scouted fields for the rest of the day with another intern.


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