Grainger Internship Week 5

This week was somewhat the same as last week.  I started my week in headquarters listen to various product managers speak.  These networking events are really to see if we would enjoy working in these different positions in the coming years whether they are other internships or full-time opportunities.  I personally thought that being a product manager is pretty cool but it’s not for me.  They deal with just about everything that has to do with a product and the departments are split up in to different categories of products such as electrical and lighting or plumbing.  Product managers also deal with suppliers in negotiating prices and things of that sort.

When I got back to my DC on Tuesday I prepared for a meeting the next day with my manager about the next steps of my project and where the project was taking us.  We decided to first focus on suppliers as I mentioned earlier but then we decided to focus on specific SKU’s (items) that had the most damage to them.  For example SKU 24W596 has 23 damages verses SKU 4PL16 had 8 damages.  Throughout the rest of the week I went around the floor to observe possible solutions to our damages.


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