Week Four: Target

This was an exciting week to be an intern. The Target store that I work at is does the largest amount of sales and in both dollars and volume in the Midwest region. This creates a truly one of a kind dynamic store that never truly slows down. In order to keep this store stocked and supplied, a truck must make a full delivery every night. This requires a logistics leader and capable crew to unload the truck and stock the store in a timely and efficient manner that happens every single night. This past week I worked over the night and learned how this process tales place. I learned how to unload a full trailer in a few hours and how to organize and distribute all of that product throughout the store. I met the night crew and connected with the Executive Team Leader who runs the logistical puzzle most nights of the week. I saw how he directs his team and leads them. I learned the crucial role that the over night team does. No one would ever think that such a process takes place and leaves the store looking good as new the next day.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely exciting. Our store is going to begin its program that will enable online sales to be shipped right from the store. This will decrease delivery time as well as add value to the corporation. The store is also going to receive new doors. I am excited for the weeks to come.


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