Week 5 Saginaw Bay Farms

This week has been a bit frantic. The week started off with a lot of a rain and built up rain from the week before. I knew we had to plan to replant a lot of our dried beans as soon as the work week started. The first few tasks I had included checking for how much water damage existed, the condition of the dry beans, performing stand counts, and communicating with insurance. After dealing with the dry beans situation I had to focus on the corn we planted.

I went from field to field determining what stage the corn was in, and make recommendations for spraying. The corn is mostly at stage V6 or above. Water damage has been a challenge working around. After this task was finished I spent the rest of the week finding any signs of root rot. This was a hard work week because of the mud. I even lost my socks out in the field after getting stuck in my corn plot.

Other than that I assisted with insurance paperwork and future planning. It was a week of hard tedious work. I really didn’t get to do anything to exciting or go outside of Bay City. So I kept myself busy with updating my stand count binder. I use colored pencils to mark off sections of which types of V-stages and weeds are in the field. I also decided to organize my paperwork so it’s easier for my supervisor to understand.

All of these things I’m learning are priceless. I first went into this internship not quite sure of it, but now I’m glad I decided to go with my gut. I am very thankful for the experiences I’ve had. The only thing I can really complain about is the past week I wasn’t able to use the company truck. I really feel like I made a great decision by coming here.


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