Co-op Buyer week 6/22-6/26

This week at Meritor was pretty quite and slow but I was still able to get involved in a few new projects. For starters one of the buyers on my team Patrick, wanted me to help him in the private label program he is working on with one of our bearing suppliers. My job is to communicate via email with our supplier about any information they may need such as engineering prints or estimated annual usage for a specific part. Next, when suppliers quote our current bearing parts my job is to put them into an excel document and create a price analysis showing any savings on any of the parts. After this my other job is to sit in with engineering to get all the parts being resourced PPAPed. This basically means all new parts coming in from a supplier have to go through engineering testing and all engineers have to be on board with the part specifications as well as quality before we agree to purchase from the given supplier. The other project that I have been working on this week is my plastic washer program on the new suspension we will be bringing into the market place beginning of next year. My job on this is to contact plastic suppliers in Michigan and in the Kentucky region for a specialized material washer. Our target pricing for this material is about .90 and so far have been receiving quotes in the $2 range. This material is very expensive and we have expected this but nowhere near what we have been receiving quote wise. Right now these are the two main projects that I am responsible for and is keeping me really busy but again I am enjoying it as well because its great experience I can use later in life. 


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